The BBC rolled into Greenock yesterday. Their Debate Night programme, hosted by the wonderful Stephen Jardine, was being broadcast from the Beacon Arts Centre yesterday. For those not familiar with TV appearances, the following is a short account of the process undertaken by me,  the social media and marketing person. This was not a work-related event, it was done in a personal capacity but I thought I might share my experience via the work blog. It might even encourage you to try to take part with the BBC or perhaps a more local event: -

So, blog two of Just Jim. Firstly, apologies for the time span between my initial scribblings and this prosaic piece of prose. Too many other things to do and not enough time to do them all – such is the life for a part time worker/full time student!

 As promised, I am going to talk about ASSET BASED COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT (ABCD).

In their infinite wisdom, or perhaps in their muddled up thinking, the powers that be have allowed me to write my own blog on the work's website. The purpose of this blog is to educate, elucidate, engage and encourage debate around issues that affect our community.

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