What we do...

A project funded by the Aspiring Communities fund of the European Social Fund and the Scottish Government.

Active is a verb that promotes action and is synonymous with rigger, start, stimulate, galvanise, initiate, motivate, actuate, make active, set in motion, set off, turn on, get going…

We cover 8 areas in the South West of Greenock

People Leading Active Community Empowerment means that local people are best placed to decide their own priorities. Our role is to help them do this...
Activ8ourplace is a project that focuses on community activity in the South and South West of Greenock. The eight neighbourhoods covered are: -
  • Bowfarm
  • Grieve Rd 
  • Fancy Farm
  • Mallard ("The Valley")
  • Pennyfern
  • Larkfield
  • Braeside
  • Branchton  
The overall aim of the project is to encourage and support people to identify what would make a real difference in their community and ways in which they can play an active part in making this happen. 
A Community Vision will be developed by the community supported by project staff.  
Potential activities include skills development to increase educational attainment, community food and health projects, expansion of community social enterprise activity and creation of Compassionate Community, BUT it will be the community who determines what these projects will be...  

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Work Programme

Details of the sort of stuff we are getting involved with is listed under the work menu item. Get in touch if you are interested in anything...